People who approached me

Sounds strange and a bit over-confident for sure however its the Fact which i wrote the above that recognition of my work noticed by others gave an opportunity to work for them and in turn they are now my clients

FColleges round the Nation

to graduation

No matter if a student is educated in the University or any Graduate level college are still struggling to get into market

Bridging gap between the college and campus is what done and that will be elaborated in services

Multi-National Giants to Normal Companies

The biggest challenge which every company is facing right from the Top most to the Start-ups is the Attrition. The H.R department is infact trying thier best to retain according to thier norms and how am I serving them will be explained in Services

Here are some of the companies to whom I could manpower according to their job description and through my methodology could see that the Attrition rate went down as well as provided relevant manpower.

 1. DELL Inc.

 2. The TATA Group

 3. H.S.B.C

 4. H.C.L Technologies

 5. Mahindra Satyam

 6. I.B.M

The above are the Top MNC’s and still many are lined up

The above is very clear that it all started with the education sector followed by the Employment and later came out those who wished to team up and begin their own organizations and some wished to move into business.

Being a huge Ocean shall explain all  elaborately in services and in-fact many banking organizations are already geared up to serve instantly.

The above clients have not come instantly and the increase is purely through mouth word and their rapport with me is an evidence on the quality I focus at. Amidst cut throat competetive world , many new features shall be added up which will be updated over here